Wedding Cakes FAQs

How do I order wedding cake? 
The first step is to fill out an inquiry form, and we will take it from there. When you submit this inquiry form, this allows us to check your date and our availabilities to be as accurate as possible. If you haven’t picked a venue or date yet, do that first and then head back here as those are two very crucial details for us. We often say the more details you can give initially the better.
Do you offer cake tastings?
We do! This is the fun part of the wedding planning process… You can go to our website and fill out the cake tasting inquiry form. You can tell us the four different flavors you would like to try and whether or not you would like champagne or sparkling cider, then we will contact you to schedule a cake tasting. Our cake tasting is $30.
Can I drop by and chat about a wedding cake at any time?
You can, but keep in mind that most of the time our cake designers are doing just that, designing and building cakes. You might not get as much information as you would prefer when you pop in. We prefer you schedule a cake tasting beforehand as your wedding cake is the most important cake you will ever order and we want to be able to give you all of our attention. 
When should I order my wedding cake?
6-8 months before your wedding date is when most people book, but we do try to accommodate last minute bookings if your wedding date is not fully booked for us. If the date is fully booked, we stop taking orders. If you’re wondering whether your day is still open please fill out an inquiry form and we will let you know what our availability is for your date. If you’re wanting delivery and set up, it is best to book well in advance as these options are more limited. We do not book more than two years in advance. 
How much will my wedding cake cost?
Since wedding cakes come in all different flavors, sizes and designs, and sometimes the wedding cake isn’t even a cake-it’s a desserts or a sweets table, it’s tough to say exactly how much or what the will cost, but you can go off roughly $4-$6/serving. Just make sure you schedule a cake tasting with us so we can go over every detail and you can share with us all that you are desiring for your cake! Feel free to honestly share with us about your budget and your “must-haves” and we will do our best to guide you through the process and offer any recommendations.
What are some things you don’t do?
We do not do any character or logo or copyrighted theme cakes. However, we will decorate color themed cakes and add provided toppers. 
Do you offer delivery and set up?
Depending on the size of your order and our current availability, we do offer delivery and set up options. We will provide an estimate that will include our time to bring the cake to your venue, decorate the dessert table with the items you have provided, apply any non-edible items provided to the cake, and set out your desserts.
What If we want to pick up our wedding cake? 
We prefer to deliver your wedding cake but if needs must…Once your wedding cake leaves our premises we are no longer liable for said wedding cake. We have a liability form in our contract that will need to be signed by the designated pick up person and/or wedding couple or wedding planner.